What We Do

We serve hot food for breakfast, lunch, and provide to-go meals. We distribute coats, clothing, and items to help people stay warm like hats, gloves, socks, and hand warmers, while providing a place for people to stay cool during hot days. Personal care and hygiene items are available. There are also vouchers available to local thrift stores for additional clothing items.

Our Drop-In Center has Wi-Fi, a phone, and a place for guests to receive mail. We keep track of and celebrate our guests' birthdays.

Donate(How You Can Help)


    -Hold a drive to collect donations from your church, school, or community group.

    -Bring donations in during our regular hours or make other arrangements.

Ways to Volunteer

    -Come visit, get to know, and support our guests.

    -Serve food or distribute items as needed.

    -Help with organizing donations and restocking.

    -Help us develop new community clubs and business connections.

    -Make presentations on behalf of the DIC.

    -Serve as a team member on the DIC committee.

    (DIC stands for drop-in center)

Community Support

Community members and partners allow us to continue serving by donating or providing other resources. Some of these items include:

 Shelf-stable or frozen food
 To-Go Lunches
 Hot, Home-cooked meals
Warming Items
 HUGSS(Hats, Umbrellas, Gloves, Scarves, Socks)
 Thermals, handwarmers, and coats
 Backpacks, tents, and tarps
Personal Care Items (travel-size preferred):
 Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss
 Shampoo, conditioner
 Soap, hand sanitizer
 To purchase all of the above items
 To-go containers

Our Story

In 2013, LOVE INC reached out to 2nd Street Community Church, needing somewhere other than the cold, wet streets for the women in their shelter to go during the day. 2nd Street responded by pushing back some cubicles in their office for women to get coffee and warm up for a few hours. A year later, more people starting coming in throughout the day as LOVE INC asked for their breakfast and lunch bags to be distributed. Gradually, the center was opened up for more hours and became a warm safe place for others to come in, not just the women from the shelter. Next, the center took over the distribution of HUGSS. As hats, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, and socks were donated by the community, they were passed on to those trying to stay warm in the cold weather.

In July 2016, the space was remodeled with dining tables, a computer, and a kid's play area. The pantry became stocked with snacks and soups, while people from the community brought in crockpots full of food on a regular basis. A few years later, the need became greater than the ability of 2nd Street Church to provide, and the decision was made to start transitioning the drop-in center to operate independently, through Friends of Chehalem House.

Today, we provide a safe, warm place for anyone to get food, basic necessities, connect with resources, and experience community. We are so grateful for the people along the way who have made this a reality.  

Resource Referrals

We act as a source of information for our guests and refer people to other organizations for services such as:









-Mental Health

-Dental Services

Resource Partners

Friends of Chehalem House (or FOCH)

In addition, we work closely with partners such as:

-Newberg Churches




-Lucky Finds

-Provoking Hope

-Newberg Thrift Store